Grow Your Bussiness With QAS Franchise

Basic Requirements For Franchise

Minimum Investment of 7 lac

Suitable location for showroom

Team of 5-6 members

willing to be an Entrepreneur

Quick Auto Services

  • 1.Wash the vehicle, blow dry with air.
  • 2.Fuel line inspection.
  • 3.Inspect throttle free play and operation, adjust & lubricate if necessary.
  • 4.Clean carburetor, adjust if necessary.
  • 5.Adjust engine idle rpm and check for idle emission.
  • 6.Clean air filter element.
  • 7.Inspect and clean the spark plug, adjust if necessary.
  • 8.Inspect the valve clearance, adjust if necessary.
  • 9.Inspect oil circulation.
  • 10.Inspect, clean and lubricate drive chain, adjust if necessary.
  • 11.Inspect battery electrolyte specific gravity and top up distilled water if required.Check routine of over flow tube.
  • 12.Inspect brake shoe wear, adjust if necessary.
  • 13.Inspect all lights, horn and switches.
  • 14.Inspect headlight focus and adjust if necessary.
  • 15.Inspect clutch free play, adjust if necessary.
  • 16.Lubricate the side stand & main stand.
  • 17.Inspect fasteners and tighten to the specified torque.
  • 18.Inspect wheel/tyres. Inflate tyre to specified pressure.
  • 19.Inspect and lubricate steering head bearing.
  • 20.Inspect front and rear suspension.
  • 21.Polish entire vehicle

Best Quality

Multi-brand two-wheeler service center with professional manpower

Reasonable Price

Economical service pricing for the two wheelers

Expert Service

Professional outlook towards service packages and premium services

Premium Support

Specialty lounges for the clients waiting for the delivery of their two-wheeler

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